Modernization of the Wire Rod Rolling Mill in AMP in Sosnowiec
12 May 2020

Expansion of the Zinc-bearing Waste Recovery System in the ZGH in Bukowno

Name of the task: Expansion of the Zinc-bearing Waste Recovery Installation, including in particular the construction of a new node of the rotary furnace No. 4 with a technological line for this furnace in “Bolesław” S.A. Mining and Metallurgical Plant in Bukowno.

Industry: construction, installation, structural

Scope of performed works:

  • Foundations: the cooling and dusting line no. 4, lime dosing node, the product silo for conveyors and pumps,
  • Electric switchboard building for line 4,
  • Slag acceptance node of line no. 4 - reinforced concrete structures, steel structures,
  • Complementary constructions for electrical separators and the reconstruction and extension of product transports,
  • Reconstruction of product transport from lines 3 and 5, reconstruction of pneumatic transport,
  • Lime dosing hub spacers, spacers and extensions of compressed air systems for lines 1, 3 and 5,
  • Installation of the stormwater drainage system of line 4,
  • Expansion of networks and compressed air preparation stations,
  • Installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning of the electrical switchgear of line 4,
  • Production of a piping system divider in the area of product silo 8310,
  • Delivery and installation of the compressed air system of the lime dosing node,
  • Delivery and installation of batch tanks, delivery and installation of tank insulation lining,
  • Construction of communication lines in the area of line no. 4.

Implementation: 2018-2019

General Contractor / Purchaser: AMK Kraków S.A.

Investor: “Bolesław” S.A. Mining and Metallurgical Plant

Subcontractor: HPR Dąbrowa Górnicza S.A.